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Yahoo! Acquires A License to Yamli’s Technology

May 28th, 2012 by Team in Arabic web, Smart Arabic Keyboard, Web, Yamli

We are happy to announce that Yahoo! has acquired a license to Yamli’s technology, to be integrated across a number of its products and services.  The deal comes as part of Yahoo! focus on developing solutions tailored for the Middle East and North Africa region (following its acquisition of Maktoob), and will allow the company to further develop the technology and extend it to a wider audience across its network.

Since its launch in 2007 Yamli has empowered Arabic speakers all over the world to easily type Arabic even when they are not used to an Arabic keyboard or don’t have access to one. More than 3.5 Billion words have been typed with Yamli, that’s roughly the equivalent of 12 Million Wikipedia articles, or 70,000 novels

Ahmed Nassef, Vice President and Managing Director, Yahoo! Maktoob, said, “Yamli is a pioneering startup that created a clever solution for a real user need and built it on a robust technology, which remains best in class.  By acquiring a license to the technology, we are able to marry it with our capabilities to further develop it and scale it to a wider audience through deep integration with our products and across multiple platforms.  When looking at opportunities, we seek innovations that add significant value to our offering, and Yamli, with its technology that brings exeptional accuracy and seamless usability, was a natural fit.”

As a first phase Yahoo! Maktoob has launched “3arrebni”  as a standalone destination page and will be integrating in the following months Yamli’s technologies with with Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Mail in Arabic, Yahoo! Search, forums, news, comments…

The deal will not affect Yamli’s operations as it will continue to operate as is. Yamli’s business model has been shifting from a consumer-based revenue model, focused on advertising, to business to business licensing of its transliteration and other technologies. The Yahoo deal marks a major milestone in that pivot

2 Billion Arabic Words Mark The 4th Anniversary of Yamli

November 15th, 2011 by Team in Uncategorized

A few years ago the Arabic content on the web was less than 0.5% of the global content.

We felt appalled and decided to do something about it, so we built Yamli. Today Yamli has enabled millions of Arabic Speakers to type more than 2 Billion words, significantly adding to the Arabic content online. Every day more than 4 Million words are being typed using Yamli, continuing the growth.

The top usage of Yamli comes from the heart of the Arabic world with countries like Saudi Arabia, Tunis, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Jordan. Keep on writing!

Yamli; First Arabic add-on to be featured on Firefox

May 2nd, 2011 by Team in Firefox, New product

We are happy to share that Yamli’s add-on for Firefox is now a Firefox featured add-on. Yamli’s add-on allows you to use Yamli’s power inside any webpage with just one click on your browser. You can also to search, tweet and update your Facebook status. You can download the add-on here.

Yamli has empowered millions of Arabic users write over 500Million Arabic words therefore contributing to the increase of Arabic content online. Yamli has also enabled other sites to freely embed the technology with just a copy paste of a short Javascript code. If you wish to add Yamli to your site go to our API easy set up page.

We have also recently introduced Yamli solutions for enterprise, and we have empowered a number of organizations so far to easily navigate and digest their data, a daunting problem that had no solution before Yamli.

If you are a chrome user you can also use the Chrome add-on here.

Finally, Yamli comes to iPhone and iPad, and it works offline!

October 4th, 2010 by Habib in Uncategorized

We are very excited to finally announce the Yamli app for the iPhone and iPad. The usage of Arabic transliteration started a few years ago with SMS on mobile phones and then, made it’s way throughthe web. So you can imagine our excitement when we cracked the mobile transliteration space.

The app allows you to:

  1. Type offline in Arabic, Email, SMS
  2. Search for your favorite Arabic Music on YouTube and iTunes
  3. Search the web and maps so you can quickly find locations in the Arab world.

It’s available on the Apple store so get it today, and if you like it give us the props by writing a cool review and giving us a good amount of stars :)

Happy Arabic Typing!

Yamli brings accurate, comprehensive Arabic query expander and indexer for your enterprise.

August 16th, 2010 by Team in New product

We are happy to announce the Yamli Arabic Query Expander, first of our many offerings to enterprises. The new service solves fundamental problems in search and data normalization, by smartly identifying all the English and Arabic script variations of an Arabic word.

Imagine that a simple name like “Mohamed Mansour” has at least 80 ways of spelling it, “Mohamed Saleh Abdallah”  on the other hand has 7000 variations, “Jumeirah” the street in Dubai has at least 51 spellings, and the song “Habibi Ya Nor El Ein “can be spelled in 1207 variations.

Applications like banking, identity management,  address management, media management and others can make use of the Yamli Query Expander today.  The expander simply plugs in and works directly with existing database and search engine set up. This technology uses Yamli’s powerful algorithms coupled with the collected intelligence ensuring a very comprehensive coverage.

Among its features the Yamli Arabic Query Expander offers:

  • Expansion of a query into all its Arabic and English variations. For example عبد الله , عبدالله, Aballah, Abdullah, Abdalla etc … This could be applied to people/place names and media content but to also any generic Arabic word.
  • Frequency and ranking bias with each expanded result.
  • Data cleansing and deduplication, to eliminiate duplicate entries and make sure the databases are in sync.

If you are interested in testing or if you would like to be a reseller of the technology contact us at, in the meantime enjoy the funny video below :)

Yamli crosses the 250 Million word milestone and adds Netlog, D1G as API users …

August 2nd, 2010 by Team in Uncategorized

Yamli has enabled typing of 250 Million Arabic words and we are proud to be contributors in the increase of Arabic content online. We are also happy that so far more than 700 websites have included Yamli with the recent addition of Netlog the largest European social network with strong presence in the Middle East and D1G one of the largest community sites in the Arab world. If you want to integrate Yamli on your site or tools check our easy setup page.

Happy Arabic typing :)

Experimenting with a new approach to translation …

March 11th, 2010 by Habib in New product

Matranslate-lab-largechine translation is a very tough problem and many have been doing a great job at improving its accuracy like GoogleBabelfish and Sakhr. While we realize these tools solve a major problem, they don’t tackle one important piece: the flexibility to perfect the translated text.  Perhaps it’s because they assume that users translate text for the purpose of reading it rather then actually using it for a blog post, email, document etc …

A couple of weeks ago we asked you how often you use translation tools and how you use them. We listened to your answers and decided to hack a quick translation tool as an experiment in finding a more natural interaction.  We used Google’s translation API on the back end, while we focused on providing a free flowing end-user experience to allow them to perfect the translated text and easily move between the input and output.

This is still in the experimental stage so you might find a bunch of bugs :) but we would love to hear your feedback and find out whether you think we are moving in the right direction. Give it a try at


Chrome speaks Arabic – كروم يتكلم العربية

January 28th, 2010 by Team in Yamli

_chrome_speaks_arabic-cOnly a few days ago, Google announced a new official version of Chrome that supports extensions.  As soon as we got the news we jumped right at developing an extension for Yamli’s Smart Arabic Keyboard. We faced a few kinks but we are now happy to officially launch Yamli for Chrome.

So give it a try and let us know what you think If you like it share it with your friends and leave your reviews on the Chrome extension page.

You might notice that the extension doesn’t work on all sites (for example Gmail) and this is due to a bug in Chrome. It should be fixed in the next Chrome update but in the meantime you’ll get notified if you are trying to enable the extension on a site that’s not supported

Want to be part of the next big thing on the Arabic Web ? Yamli is looking for Ninja developers!

January 4th, 2010 by Habib in Yamli, hiring

Want to work at Yamli and be part of the next big thing on the Arabic Web?ninja-coder

Like every other startup, we’re on a mission to change the world, in our case the Arab digital world. Our passion is to develop useful, intuitive, and innovative products for this extraordinary emerging market. We are not afraid of experimenting and love crazy ideas, and we want our team to feel like they are making a difference. If you are smart, like working in a group, love to learn, and aren’t afraid to try new things, you belong at Yamli. We are looking for both key junior and senior software engineers with expertise in the web or mobile spaces. We are still small, which means that everyone who joins will be able to make big impact and help us overcome major challenges with big rewards for hard work and creativity. We believe that at the at end of the day, it’s all about the people and want to build the top flight agile software engineering team in the Middle East.

Think you have what it takes? Shoot us your resume to along with answers to following questions:

  • What’s your favorite development platform on the server or client and why?
  • Who is your hero in the development world and why?
  • What one product or gadget can you not live without and why?
  • What blogs/news do you follow?
  • What’s the toughest bug you’ve had to fix and why?



  • BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent.
  • Extensive experience with one or more server side platforms (Ruby on Rails, Java, PHP, or even ASP.NET) and a solid understanding of what happens under the covers (HTTP).
  • Extensive experience with client side development (HTML, CSS, Javascript and JS frameworks). UI/UX experience is also a plus.
  • Knowledge of relational databases and SQL. Knowledge developing and debugging on Linux systems.


  • BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent. Extensive experience developing for Symbian, iPhone, Android, BREW and/or Windows Mobile.
  • Extensive experience with C/C++ and Java.
  • Experience developing multi-platform desktop applications and plugins (Windows/Mac/Linux/Qt) is a plus.

We are also looking for web designers with a decent understanding of web technologies.

UI/UX Designers:

  • Experience with illustration tools such as Adobe’s Creative Suite
  • Experience in building interfaces using CSS, HTML, and/or JavaScript
  • Ability to quickly prototype and iterate towards production-level quality
  • Portfolios are welcome.

If your profile doesn’t quite fit, ping us anyway if you feel you can pick things up quickly and contribute. We offer competitive salaries and stock options, and are looking for applicants preferably able to work in Beirut, Lebanon. Telecommuting may be an option.

[Photo by swilsonmc ]

76,645,541 and counting. Growing the Arabic web one word at a time !

June 25th, 2009 by Habib in Smart Arabic Keyboard, Yamli

We decided today to run a little script to see how many words have been typed with Yamli so far, and the result was impressive: 76,645,541, that is roughly equivalent to 255,485 Wikipedia articles ! We are happy that the usage of Yamli has been growing but most importantly are happy to contribute in the expansion of the Arabic content online.

Today, Yamli’s Smart Arabic Keyboard powers a number of sites, such as As7ab and Clipat Maktoob, Ikbis, Annahar, Art-TV and about 200 more sites. Although our focus is on Arabic native speakers Yamli has also been used at some universities to help teach Arabic.

We thank our users again for the support and will continue in building products to empower the Arabic web.

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